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XCL Phone App for Android & IOS

The XCL Phone is an app that runs on your device which allows you to make and receive calls using your PBX user account. It has many functions of a typical VoIP hardware phone. Available today from Google Play and the Apple App store.


Features include: Voicemail indicator, ACD agent status, Call history, Assisted transfer, Blind transfer, Caller id, Hold, Encrypted audio, Multiple call instances, DTMF during calls, Handset, speakerphone & Bluetooth supported.

Calls made will have the same caller id as the PBX user’s. When you have an incoming call, a notification will appear.  In that notification it shows you who is calling, allows you to answer the call, mute the ringing, or ignore the call.

How to login

When you first start the XCL Phone App, you will be prompted to login. Supply the domain name for your PBX system, your extension, your password, and then press the 'LOGIN' button.

These are the same domain and credentials you use to log into VCP (VoIP Control Panel).

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