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Robocall Blocking Features: 

CAPTCHA allows you to control and block incoming calls which appear to be robocalls by prompting the caller to press a digit.  This feature is available to PBX and Single-line customers on an extension basis.  Enable Captcha in your Call Handling Options of the Features menu in VCP.

The VCP CONTACTS TABS replaced the Speed Dial tab and is a collaboration with Captcha.  Here you can assign special attributes to calls such as speed dial, type of call rejection, ring style, Do Not Disturb, and robocall screening.

Every time somebody calls in and successfully completes the captcha, they will automatically get added to this list or you can add your own contacts in advance.

If an inbound call is not signed such as international calls or the attestation level is below A, the call will be sent to voicemail.  This option meets the standards established by the Federal Communication Commission for STIR/SHAKEN network compliance

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If you like Captcha, check out another robocall blocking option called:


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